Hill rallies to 18th at Phoenix

Timmy Hill continued his streak of improvement as he returns to tracks from earlier in the season.

In the spring, Hill finished 28th in his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut and his return was a pickup of 10 positions with a 18th place finish.

"We had a great handling car all weekend. Kinda messed up the qualifying run but we knew we had a great car for the race," stated Hill.

Hill marched into the top 30 in the first ten laps and continued a forward march. With just 70 laps remaining, Hill lost power steering and was forced to muscle the car to a top twenty.

"That was a chore!" stated Hill. "I work out every day in anticipation of days like this and it paid off. The guys worked so hard and as a team we came through."

Hill and the Poynt team now head to Homestead, the season finale with a lot on their minds. Rookie of the Year.

"We have done everything we can and now it is pretty much up to a vote. Did we do enough? I believe so but I don't get to vote," Hill laughed.

NASCAR will hold a 30 point vote to determine the winner of the NASCAR Nationwide Sunoco Rookie of the Year, based off performance, sportsmanship and professionalism.

"We have had the lead for 27 weeks. We always try to do more than our competitors just not rookies but all of NASCAR by the way we carry ourselves and how we interact with the fans. If we still don't win the committee's vote I know we have won the fans vote every time we head into the stands. Sometimes that's more important, but that award would cap off a very tough year that our organization has went through."