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About Timmy Hill

Timmy began his racing career driving go karts in 2005. Timmy won over 80 events including (2) WKA Championships, (2) King George Championships, and (1) Concord Speedway Winter series championship and also finishing 3rd in the National championship.

Timmy moved on to Bandelero cars in 2006, where he gained another 10 wins. Shortly after, Timmy moved into the Allison Legacy Series along with racing legend cars in 2007. Hill would finish 14th in points in his first Allison Legacy Touring season.

In 2008, Timmy began getting the feel for the bigger cars. Timmy earned (4) wins in Legends and (2) wins in the Allison Series and finishing 5th in points in only his second season.

Timmy Hill made his mark in 2009! (10) wins in the Allison Series and won the National Championship as he also rallied a Summer Shootout win in the Legends Series, (2) wins in the Winter Series and grabbed the Championship for Legends as well.

In 2010, Hill won (7) Legends races and finished 3rd in points for the Summer Shootout Championship. Moving up to the full size cars wasn't much of a challenge for Hill. Timmy finished 10th at Toledo in the ARCA ReMax series along with finishing 7th at Toyota Speedway and 10th at New Hampshire in the K&N Pro Series.

Hill continues to show strong as he makes his run for the Sunoco Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2011. Thus far he has had a best finish of 14th at Talladega and is not done yet. Keep watching Timmy as he makes his charge in the NASCAR Nationwide series!

About Spoonful of Music -

Imagine your days are filled with endless treatments for a disease you can't see and don't understand. A disease that imposes physical limitations, sometimes intensely painful, that impact your ability to live a full life. How would this affect your outlook?

Every day thousands of kids in hospitals across the country face this battle with chronic and incurable illnesses ranging from common forms of cancer to rare and little known diseases. Though they fight unique battles, all of these kids do so with an inspiring mix of hope and moxie, unwilling to let their illnesses define them or limit their potential. Spoonful of Music Foundation was created by individuals in the Music and Medical fields who want to provide these young warriors with uplifting and therapeutic experiences that enrich their quality of life.

Through the use of instructed and participatory music therapy, Spoonful of Music Foundation gives kids who are battling chronic disease a unique gift – an immersive creative experience that allows them to momentarily forget their illness while expressing themselves through music.