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Carlos Contreras




Carlos Contreras will return this weekend to NASCAR's Nationwide Series in the “Blue Jeans Go Green 200, Presented by Cotton, the Fabric of Our Lives” in Avondale, AZ on March 1st, 2014, broadcast LIVE at 3:45pm ET on ABC. Contreras will attempt to make the 40 car field in the Voli Vodka / Global Aircraft Solutions #23 Chevy Camaro. The Phoenix race will mark Contreras’s 88th NASCAR race and get him closer to completing his “Chase to 100” this year.

Contreras on this weekend, "I can’t wait to get to Phoenix and climb in the #23 Voli Chevy Camaro. Voli is a great partner and offers the best Vodka with natural flavors in the market. Both my wife and I responsibly enjoy the variety of flavors and the smoothness that Voli offers”.

Contreras continued with a smile, “My wife loves the Mango Coconut, but my favorite is the Espresso Vanilla Fusion on ice, it helps me ‘Stay Sexy’ like my friend Pitbull says”.

Pitbull [Armando Christian Perez], the internationally renowned recording artist, has taken the brand worldwide as a major equity owner and official ambassador for Voli. Nationwide Practice Thursday

Voli CEO, Jorge Gutierrez comments, “Voli – Vodka and Natural Flavors is excited to sponsor Carlos Contreras this weekend in the Blue Jeans go Green 200. Voli has previously sponsored Carlos in NASCAR Mexico, and we are very excited to support Carlos in his “Chase to 100” by having the Voli car racing in Arizona this weekend.”

Roman Ruiz, International Sales Director for Global Aircraft Solution’s adds, “Phoenix is a great market for our company. It’s also a great time of year to be in Arizona meeting my local clients, and what can be better than meeting them at a NASCAR Race where our company is proudly represented?”

Contreras concluded by saying, "I want to thank my sponsors who are making this event possible, Voli and Global Aircraft Solutions. I’m very proud of their continued support and I hope everything will come together for us in Phoenix so I can give them the good result they deserve. I also want to remind my friends who are over 21 to drink responsibly and ‘know when to say when’. That’s no joke. As a past spokesperson for M.A.D.D., I really can’t stress that enough. Everyone likes to have a good time, including myself, but you can’t if you are risking your own safety and the safety of others. 21 means 21. Be safe, enjoy your Voli, but never drink if you will be driving! N.E.V.E.R. NEVER!”

Carlos will be participating in additional Nationwide Series events throughout 2014 for RWR in his “Chase for 100”. Next on his schedule is California on March 22nd. Additional confirmed races on the 2014 schedule include Texas (1 & 2), Daytona (2), Homestead-Miami and, among others, the 3 Road Courses. For more information on how to get involved with Carlos’s “Chase to 100”, please contact Rick Ware Racing @ (336)476-4448,, or Mike Vazquez @ (305)-986-3313. Nationwide Practice Thursday

ABOUT VOLI: Voli - Vodka and Natural Flavors is an award winning spirit hand-crafted in Cognac, France. Voli is made from a delicate blend of the finest multi-distilled wheat vodka, natural spring water and infused high-quality natural flavors. Voli Vodka is available in Original and the following flavors - Lemon, Orange Vanilla, Mango Coconut, Raspberry Cocoa and Espresso Vanilla. Pitbull [Armando Christian Perez], the internationally renowned recording artist has taken the brand worldwide, as a major equity owner and official ambassador for Voli. With Pitbull, Voli reaches the global market like no other brand. Voli Original and all flavors retail at approximately $19.99 for a 750ml bottle. For more information please visit Follow us on Twitter / Instagram @volispirits